Is Biology a Hard Major?

is biology a hard major?

Biology is a STEM major and a popular subject, particularly among pre-med students. The article takes a look at how hard biology is and whether it is a good choice for you. Read on to understand what it takes to pursue a biology major. Is Biology a Hard Major? Biology is certainly a hard major … Read more

Is an Economics Degree Worth It?

is an economics degree worth it?

Economics is a good degree by itself. However, economics is an outstanding degree to have when it is coupled with more applied fields such as finance, marketing, accounting, programming, stats, and data science. Potential economics students often wonder whether an economics degree alone will help them achieve a high paying and stable career. Sorry for … Read more

Is Economics a Hard Major?

is economics a hard major?

Economics is a great major to pursue. The vast majority of students find economics to be a relatively difficult major. Economics is a broad and versatile subject and it includes the study of many different fields. Is Economics a Hard major? Economics is a hard major. Economics is considered to be one of the most … Read more

Is Business a Hard Major?

Is Business a Hard Major?

Many students wonder about the difficulty of a business major. In short, a business major is decently respected and not particularly difficult to pursue. Before we continue I would like to clarify the difference between business administration and business management. These degrees have many of the same core courses but are not identical. Business administration … Read more

How Hard is it to Double Major?

How hard is it to double major?

This article has been written to give you a realistic idea of how hard is it to double major and whether you should pursue one in college or university. Before we go on, I would like to explain the difference between a dual major and a dual degree. A double major is simply studying two … Read more

Is Journalism a Useless Degree?

Is Journalism a Useless Major?

A large number of potential journalists wonder whether the journalism degree they are pursuing is useless or not. Is a journalism major worthwhile or is it just a waste of time? This article has been written to clear your doubts and answer possible questions you may have about your degree and the overall future of … Read more

How hard is an Environmental Science Degree?

How hard is it to get an environmental science degree?

A large number of students planning to study environmental science wonder whether will be an easy or hard degree. This article has been written to give you a realistic idea of how hard environmental science really is. Before I continue this I would like to clarify a common confusion that many students have: what is … Read more