Is Mechanical Engineering Worth It?

Mechanical engineering is one of the most comprehensive and wide-ranging engineering disciplines. People often wonder whether mechanical engineering is really worth it or not. We will explore the advantages of pursuing mechanical engineering and help you decide whether this field is a good fit for you.

Is Mechanical Engineering Worth It?

Mechanical engineering is certainly worth it. A degree in mechanical engineering will provide you with awesome benefits, high paying salaries, several job opportunities, and a chance to make a meaningful impact. Mechanical engineering is going to remain the king of engineering for a long time.

Mechanical engineers, in particular, have almost unrivalled salaries at the bachelor level. Engineers are paid so highly because their work is difficult, demanding, and stressful. Mechanical engineers are spoiled with high paying jobs and awesome benefits.

Mechanical engineering is an evergreen field and an almost future proof degree. Unquestionably, computer engineering, software engineering, and computer science are some of the hottest degrees at the moment. Mechanical engineering does not lag far behind either.

For instance, the latest computers and gadgets, the bare necessities of tech degrees, are all built by machines. Mechanical engineers play an important role in building, designing, operating, and maintaining these very machines. This explains why mechanical engineering is definitely worth pursuing.

Furthermore, mechanical engineering is a broad and versatile degree. This allows mechanical engineers to find employment in various sectors of society. In modern times almost every industry requires machines in some form or the other.

Mechanical engineers design and create products ranging from elevators, escalators, medical devices, batteries, refrigerators, air-conditioners to electric generators and internal combustion engines. Essentially any industry that needs to create physical products will need mechanical engineers to some extent or the other.

If you enjoy spending hours at a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) station then mechanical engineering will be extremely worth it for you.

Moreover, if you are a person who likes designing and analysing new machines, locating flaws and inconsistencies, and finally creating a much-improved product then mechanical engineering might be a great field for you.

Mechanical engineering is an extremely marketable degree. In college, you will take several math and science courses which will radically improve your critical thinking and analytical skills. These skills are highly sought after by employers in a plethora of fields such as finance, economics, research, development, design, banking, automotive and manufacturing industries.

It is important to point out your college also plays a role in determining which jobs you are employable for. Companies usually want to hire top tier graduates for their most lucrative and innovative jobs. Think Ivy League, IIT, and NIT graduates.

Is Mechanical Engineering a good Career?

Mechanical engineering can help you establish a very good career for yourself. Mechanical engineering offers great earning potential, vast career opportunities, and numerous benefits. However, with all these awesome benefits comes a lot of stress and competition that should prepare yourself for.

Mechanical engineers are paid highly because their work is difficult and stressful. Not everyone is willing to take on such a difficult career; which leads to strong demand for mechanical engineers.

Engineers have long hours and highly gruelling work to compensate for their high paying jobs. More often than not you will be expected to take work home and constantly upgrade your skillset to meet the demands of your job.

The companies are willing to provide awesome benefits to mechanical engineers. This may come in the form of health, life, and dental insurance, retirement benefits, tuition reimbursement, flexible schedules, gym memberships, and company stocks.

It is important to point out your college also plays a role in determining which jobs you are employable for. Companies usually want to hire top tier graduates for their most lucrative and innovative jobs. Think Ivey Leagues, IITs, and NITs.

This is because top tier colleges have already completed the difficult task of vetting the best engineering candidates. Companies can then quickly evaluate the candidate’s abilities through their college’s reputation, GPA, and other credentials to handpick the most capable graduates.

If you do not graduate from a good college you can still apply to elite positions. However, you will need to work on other aspects of your resume to be considered a strong applicant in the eyes of potential employers.

Is Mechanical Engineering a Dying Field?

Mechanical engineering is not a dying field in the slightest. In fact, mechanical engineering is expected to grow by 4% which is about the same as the average growth job rate. Mechanical engineering could grow at an even faster rate as more industries are giving a preference to machines over people.

Overall, most if not all STEM degrees are growing albeit at different paces. Tech degrees are generally growing faster than their counterparts. Mechanical engineering is growing is because it is largely future proof and crucial to various other industries.

Some mechanical engineering graduates complain about the lack of good jobs. The ground realities are quite different since mechanical engineering is thriving. Good engineers are always in demand.

Many of the unemployed graduates should blame their low GPA, lack of experience, and unwillingness to upgrade their skills instead of criticizing the degree itself. The other party to hold accountable is the university for focussing on rote learning instead of teaching valuable skills and the underlying principles behind things.

Is Mechanical Engineering Useless?

Mechanical engineering is not useless at all. Mechanical engineering is one of the most useful degrees since it is a very wide-ranging and broad subject. Practically all industries that create physical products need mechanical engineers to some degree or the other.

Mechanical engineers are needed in more industries than any other discipline of engineering. This speaks volumes about how useful a mechanical engineering degree really is. The presence and dominance of mechanical engineering are not going anywhere which explains why mechanical engineering is known to be the king of engineering.


If you have the temperament for mechanical engineering then it is a degree highly worth pursuing. Although stressful, difficult, and competitive, the benefits of mechanical engineering far outweigh the drawbacks.

You can expect a relatively high paying job and awesome benefits by pushing towards a degree in mechanical engineering.